Contact Lenses

Established in 1980, Eye Medical Center's Contact Lens Division specializes in regular and specialty fittings. Having the newest technology and equipment available allows us to fit any cornea condition. Eye Medical Center's Contact Lens Division offers YOU:

  • Certified and Experienced Staff
  • One of the largest contact lens divisions in the state
  • Unlimited instructions on insertion, removal and care on all types of lenses
  • Scheduled Visits / Convenient Hours

Your contact lenses are prescription devices with a limited useful life span. The physicians of Eye Medical Center feel the follow-up process is the most important part of your contact lens wear.

Specialty Fittings

Many eye conditions and corneal problems can be corrected by contact lenses. Eye Medical Center's extensive knowledge in understanding corneal topography and technical lens design provide for expert fitting of these lenses.

  • Aphakia
  • Gas Permeables
  • Gas Perm Bifocals / Monovision
  • Irregular Astigmatism
  • Keratoconus
  • Pathologic Myopia
    • Bitorics
    • Post Keratoplasty
  • Post RK
  • Post LASIK

Eye Medical Center's contact lens technicians have been trained to fit the above specialty corneal fittings.


With the Baby Boomer's now reaching the age of 40, the need for correcting vision at both near and far becomes critical. Our contact lens division specializes in bifocal and bifocal effect (monovision) lens fittings. Presbyopia occurs in every eye as the body ages.

Two Types:

1. Soft Bifocals:

  • 2 week disposables
  • 6 month to 1 year

2. Gas Permeables come in two basic lens designs:

  • Lined (Top for distance and Bottom for near)
  • Simultaneous Vision

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