Glasses & Sunglasses

Fashion Optique carries a variety of lenses to accomodate our patients.

Coating that reduces reflected light on lenses

Aspheric Design Lenses
Provide special visual and cosmetic benefits for stronger corrections and increase edge to edge clarity. Flatter than conventional lenses.

High Index Lenses
Thinner and lighter lens material, good for high powers.

Polycarbonate Lenses
The most impact resistant lens available. They are high index and are usually the lightest.

Progressive Bifocal Lenses
(No line bifocals) Lens power gradually changes from distant to near.

Plastic lenses that change from light to dark in sunlight.

Product Care

  • Soap and Water is the best for cleaning eyeglasses.
  • DO NOT USE Super Glue to repair broken frames. Most repairs to frames can be repaired in our office.
  • Photogrey Lenses lose effectiveness after 71*F (i.e. in hotter weather Photogrey will not get as dark as in cooler weather)
  • Try to use 100% cotton cloth to clean glasses.
  • DO NOT leave your glasses in the car!
  • Do not use Windex Cleaner on glasses. (Windex contains ammonia.)